Current Funds

Making a donation to one of the funds in the Catholic Foundation provides an opportunity for caring, faithful individuals to invest in the future of the Catholic ministry closest to their heart. Donors love knowing that by making a gift to an existing Catholic Foundation fund or starting a new named endowment fund, their gift will live on forever.

Founders Fund

A Founders Fund is being established to help seed the Catholic Foundation for the Diocese of Scranton and cover ongoing operation expenses such as salaries, office expenses and marketing materials, etc. The first gifts to this non-endowed fund will be instrumental in setting up the Catholic Foundation for success that will ultimately secure the mission of the Diocese now and in the future.

Ministry Endowment Funds

Currently the Catholic Foundation has the following endowment funds listed below with the goal to expand funds for other ministries, parishes, schools, kitchens, food pantries and shelters. Gifts of any size are accepted into any existing endowment fund. The Catholic Foundation will assist anyone who wishes to fulfill their charitable intentions, regardless of your gift amount. The beneficiaries of our current endowment funds greatly appreciate the support of donors to help develop and grow these funds.

Care of Retired Priests Endowment Fund

The Diocese of Scranton is blessed to have so many priests who have served faithfully and need to be cared for in their later years and during illnesses. Many of our retired priests reside in Villa St. Joseph in Dunmore where they live in brotherhood. The Care of Priest Endowment Fund will be used to care for retired priests at the Villa St. Joseph.

Catholic Social Services Endowment Fund

Rooted in the Gospel, the mission of Catholic Social Services is to serve individuals and families in poverty and hardship, as we are called by Christ to do, and to respond compassionately to their needs. The Catholic Social Services Endowment Fund will be used to fund our three shelters in Scranton, Wilkes-Barre and Hazleton.

Seminarian Formation Endowment Fund

A wonderful opportunity to build up the Kingdom of God is to pray for and support our young men who are currently studying for the priesthood. The formation of each seminarian lasts between four and eight years, and their education costs are comparable to private university tuition, room and board. The Seminarian Formation Endowment Fund will be used to fund seminarian education and vocations programming.

Catholic Schools Tuition Assistance Endowment Fund

The aim of Catholic Education is to introduce young people to Jesus Christ through evangelization, education, and sacramental preparation. At this time, the most pressing Catholic Schools need is providing need-based scholarships. The Catholic Schools Tuition Assistance Endowment Fund will be used for this purpose.

Faith Formation Endowment Fund

The heart of our Catholic faith and our call to be missionary disciples of Jesus Christ depends on strong and inspiring faith formation programs in our parishes. The Faith Formation Endowment Fund will support Youth Ministry and Hispanic Outreach Programs in parishes throughout the Diocese.

Historic Preservation Endowment Fund

Maintaining the brilliance of the Cathedral of St. Peter and the Bishop’s residence is a proud responsibility for all Catholics. The mother church of the Diocese serves as a special place of worship for daily Mass and several meaningful liturgies throughout the year. The Historic Preservation Endowment Fund will be used to ensure that the Cathedral of St. Peter continues to be a wonderful beacon of light and hope for all who enter. The fund may also benefit other historically significant and viable churches in the Diocese as determined by the Bishop.

Urgent Needs Fund

Sometimes unexpected funding needs arise in our parishes, Catholic schools, emergency shelters, kitchens and food pantries – whether it be a roof replacement, a new boiler or a repair that is needed for safety reasons. The Urgent Needs Fund will offer support in emergency situations to the ministries listed above.

Named Endowment Funds

The Catholic Foundation for the Diocese of Scranton invites you to explore how establishing a professionally managed endowment fund, invested in accordance with the teachings of the Catholic Church, can assist you in creating an enduring legacy and pass on the faith to the next generation.

One way to pass on our rich tradition of faith is to establish a fund that continues to support the spiritual, charitable and educational works of our local Catholic Church. By creating a fund in your name, or the name of a loved one, your generosity to a named endowment fund will honor your commitment to your Catholic faith and provide support for the ministries of the Diocese of Scranton forever.

If you wish to establish a Named Endowment Fund, a pledge of $25,000 is required and may be fulfilled over a five-year period.

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